If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Thailand, Phuket is a well-known popular choice. But Phuket can be overcrowded, pricey and loud, especially during the peak travel season. Few adventurers realize that just six kilometers north is a sleepy area that stretches about ten miles called Natai Beach. If that catches your attention, consider booking an accommodation in Natai Beach.

Are private villas right for you?

It depends. If you’re on a honeymoon and desire more privacy or you are traveling as a family, a private villa might be the perfect fit. These accommodations are professionally-run with the most modern amenities that include a personal concierge. For families, the added security that comes with a private villa rental can be a relief for safety concerns. That said, Natai Beach is known as a more secluded area that is safe and less-frequented. Visitors comment that Natai Beach is a hidden gem where you’ll walk along the beach without seeing a soul. It is the perfect place to escape the stresses of daily life.

Things to consider when booking an accommodation

Hotels in Natai Beach vary in price and range from around $30 to over $200. The average price for a hotel in the heart of Natai Beach is around $100 per night. Hotels have free parking and wi-fi. Most are located on or walking distance from the beach.

While on the more high sides, luxury resorts in Natai Beach offer more privacy, formal dining, excursions and a full staff ready to cater to the guest’s needs. Prices range from the mid $2,000s to as high as $9,500 per night. For those looking to book a little part of southern Thailand all for yourself, this has to be a consideration.

A villa in Natai Beach doesn’t need to be pricey. There are plenty of villas available at an affordable price that includes everything from a fully stocked kitchen in a detached building to a flat-screen TV with satellite programming to staff that is multilingual to make all visitors feel welcome.

There are also Airbnb options in the area that are spacious enough for families and affordable enough for the solo traveler. Many note that they are pet-friendly. Whichever accommodations you book, Natai Beach is easily accessible from the Phuket International Airport. The trip takes about twenty minutes and many places offer an airport shuttle.


What to do in Natai Beach

Among the best things to do near Natai Beach is the Kin Dee Thai cooking class located about six miles from the beach. For 2,500 Thai Baht or about $80, you can learn from the locals how to prepare some of the most delicious Thai dishes. The classes allow up to four people to participate and the experience is completely hands-on and personal. Participants have a choice to make one of four dishes. There are few things that allow the traveler to connect with the culture like cooking and sharing a meal. If you want to experience Thailand on a more personal level, try this class.

For animal lovers, a visit to the Soi Dog Foundation is a must. Upon arrival at the facility, you will learn about the history of the foundation that works hard to support animal welfare in Thailand. Then the visitor will have the opportunity to meet and greet the dogs and cats that call this place home. There is nothing more joyful than sharing a day with a furry friend.

If water is what you like, one of the most popular attractions around Natai Beach is the 4-Waters Eco-Adventure Trip (from Phuket). This excursion provides a chance to experience the forests and mangroves of the region. It includes a lunch, roundtrip transportation to all points of interest and entrance fees. The best parts of the trip allow the visitor to swim in four different waters the area has to offer. There are hot springs to relieve stress, ice-cold pools to invigorate the system, a dip in the sea to lift the spirit, and a chance to stand under a waterfall to uplift the soul. Learn more what to explore in Natai Beach and area around.

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