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The ultimate dining experience at Coastal Escape

Let us take care of all your meals during your whole stay!
Order your favorite dishes from our extensive a la carte menu, …
Fresh seafood, delicious Thai food and a wide range of international specialties & desserts…

Our recommendations, but you can also have it your way!

White Snapper | Grouper:
● Filet with garlic & pepper sauce
● Whole deep fried fish with tamarind sauce
● Whole steamed fish with garlic, chili & lime sauce
● Filet or whole fish with 3 sauces: garlic & pepper, tamarind, Paneng curry
● baked in salt crust
● fried with fish sauce
Blue Crab:
● Pan fried with Indian yellow curry sauce
● Steamed with chili & lemon sauce
● BBQ with 3 sauces: garlic & pepper, sweet & sour and Paneng curry
Sea Prawns: Squid | Clams | Mussels:
BBQStir fried
TempuraBaked with cheese and garlic butter
Steamed with garlic, chili & lime sauceSteamed with garlic, chili & lime
7 Color Lobster | Phuket Lobster | Tiger Prawn:420 | 320 | 290 THB per 100g
(Not included in Full Board)
● BBQ with butter, aioli and garlic bread
● Stir fried and topped with gratinated parmesan
● Steamed and served with tamarind sauce

All dishes are served with:

β—‹ Steamed rice & stir fried vegetables, further dishes can be ordered from Full Board menu

Order the same day during breakfast…or latest before lunch if having seafood for dinner!

Thai / Asian Cuisine


β˜†1. Thai spring rolls
Deep fried | with vegetables & glass noodles | sweet chili sauce

🌢2. Larb Tuna
Diced fresh tuna | salad | shallots | green herbs | lemon | fish sauce

3. Fresh Thai rice paper spring rolls with chicken
Bean sprouts | green mango | carrot | coriander | chicken | lemon-Wasabi dip

4. Crispy chicken wings
Served with a coriander | sweet chili sauce

5. Chicken satay
Peanut sauce | cucumber chili dip

6. Shrimp Tempura | Squid Tempura

β˜†πŸŒΆ7. Deep dried crispy morning glory salad | prawns

8. Lemon grass sea prawn skewer
Served on an avocado salad | Japanese sesame sauce

9. Goong Sarong
Deep fried prawns wrapped with crispy rice noodles | mango chili sauce.

β˜†πŸŒΆ10. Signature Banana flower salad with chicken | prawns
Banana flower in a rich coconut infused dressing (secret recipe)

🌢11. Thai papaya salad (spiciness to your taste) | add prawns
Classic Thai dish with papaya | chili | tomato | fish sauce | lime | garlic | bean | dried shrimps

β˜†πŸŒΆ12. Yam Nua - Thai beef salad
imported Australian premium grain fed beef | tomato | shallot | Thai celery | spring onion

🌢13. Yam Wunsen – Thai seafood salad
Glass noodle salad with squid | prawn | mussels | fish

14. Stir fried morning glory
With garlic

15. Fresh Thai rice paper rolls
Bean sprouts, green mango, carrot, coriander with a Lemon Wasabi dip

16. Mixed vegetables
Steamed or stir fried with oyster sauce


🌢17. Tom Yam prawns | seafood
Sour & spicy Thai soup with prawns or seafood. A classic!

18. Tom kha gai (chicken)
Coconut Thai soup | lemongrass | galangal | chili paste | chicken

19. Classic Thai Noodle Soup
Clear broth | vegetables | rice noodles | vegetables | chicken meet balls

20. Clear chicken broth | vegetable | tofu
Coconut Thai soup | lemongrass | galangal | chili paste | chicken


🌢21. Phad krapao chicken or pork or beef | seafood
Minced and stir fried | garlic | chili | holy basil

22. Gai Pad Med Mamuang chicken & cashew nuts
Stir fried with mixed peppers | onion | tomato | red chili paste

23. Khao pad β€˜β€™Fried organic Jasmine rice’’ chicken | prawn | seafood
Topped with a fried egg | cucumber slices | spicy salty chili sauce

24. Pad see eiw chicken | seafood
Fried large rice noodles | vegetables | soy sauce | chicken or seafood

25. Pad Thai chicken | prawn
The famous stir fried Thai noodle dish with tofu | bean sprouts | peanuts | chicken or prawns

26. Goong Aob Wunsen
Baked shrimps with glass noodles

🌢27. Spaghetti Pad Kee Mauw chicken | seafood
Spaghetti | capsicum | fresh pepper corn | hot basil | onion | baby corn

28. Stir fried morning glory
With garlic

Thai Curriess

🌢29. Massaman curry chicken | premium Australian grain fed beef
Coconut milk | potato | onion | roasted peanuts | red chili

🌢30. Paneng Curry chicken | prawn
Yellow curry paste | coconut cream | peanut | chili | lime leaf

🌢31. Green or Red Curry chicken | premium Australian grain fed beef
Coconut milk | eggplant | red chili | sweet basil | green curry paste
Steamed rice portion Organic Thai jasmine ………………….
Steamed red organic rice ……………………………………………..


Starters | Salads

32. Garlic bread

33. Cucumber Carpaccio with roses of smoked Norwegian salmon
Japanese cucumbers | onion rings | capers | olive oil | balsamic

34. Caprese
Fresh Mozzarella | tomatoes | pesto

35. Prawn Cocktail 2020
Prawns | green apple | cocktail rum dressing | flowers

36. Greek Salad
Greek Feta cheese | Japanese cucumber | bell peppers |onion | olives

37. Caesar salad vegetarian | chicken | prawn
Romaine lettuce | crispy croutons | parmesan cheese | garlic bread | pine nuts

38. Avocado salad
Organic red oak | green salad | cherry tomato | carrot | cucumber | onion sesame sauce | pine nuts

39. Hokkaido scallops
Gently fried in butter and garlic | mini toast | lemon

🌢 Dish can be spicy. Please let us know how you would like it.

All Curries and Khao Pad are available as vegetarian dish


40. Tomato soup

41. Pumpkin – Ginger Cream soup

42. French onion soup
Oven baked cheese crisp

Classics & Mains

43. Spaghetti Bolognaise
Garlic bread

44. Spaghetti Carbonara
Bacon | garlic bread

45. Lasagna Beef
Classic lasagna with minced beef | tomato | cheese sauce | garlic bread

46. Lasagna Beef
Tenderloin steak 200g Australian prime grain fed beef

47. NZ Lamb Chops French cut
Mashed potato | roasted green asparagus | homemade herb butter

Seafood & Fish

48. Spaghetti Seafood
Prawns & mussels | shallot | garlic | parsley | white wine sauce | garlic bread

49. Sea Bass filet lemon butter sauce
Coconut milk infused rice | carrot | asparagus

50. Pan seared tuna filet | crusted with sesame seeds
Served on a bed of zucchini | eggplant | grilled tomato | cucumber yogurt sauce

51. Salmon filet Γ‘ l’orange
Asparagus & carrots | mashed potatoes | fresh orange sauce

52. Fish & Chips
Deep fried Sea Bass | French fries | tartare sauce

Burgers | Sandwiches | Snacks

53. Angus beef burger 200g
Fried onion | cheese | lettuce | cornichon | tomato | homemade burger dressing | French fries
Add bacon

54. Crispy chicken burger
Grilled pineapple | onion | lettuce | tomato | tartar sauce | French fries

55. New York Style Hot Dog
Frankfurter pork sausage in a bun | fried onion | bacon | French fries

56. Pan-seared tuna filet sandwich
Homemade bread | salad | tomato | onion rings | tartar sauce | French fries

57. Club sandwich
Grilled chicken breast | bacon | cheddar cheese | egg | tomato | cucumber | lettuce

58. Chicken Wraps | add avocado
Carrot | asparagus | green/ red /yellow pepper | sweet chili sauce | steak fries

59. Focaccia with Avocado salsa and chicken
Focaccia | lettuce | tomato | red onion | poached egg | tartar sauce

60. Ahi Poke Bowl
Boiled rice topped with pan-seared tuna | avocado | cucumber | radish | sesame

61. Brie Cheese Focaccia
Focaccia | French brie | grilled zucchini | eggplant | red oak | cucumber-yoghurt sauce

62. Focaccia Bread with avocado salsa served with steak fries
Focaccia | lettuce | tomato | red onion | tartar sauce

63. Truffle Fries
Steak fries with skin | truffle salt | truffle oil | parmesan | herbs

64. Nachos
Baked with cheddar cheese | olives | tomato | jalapeno | guacamole | sour cream


65. Mango sticky rice

66. Fresh tropical fruits

67. Thai Banana in coconut milk

68. Banana fritter and gourmet vanilla ice cream

69. Tabtim krob
| water chestnuts in coconut milk

70. Tapioca in coconut milk

Quality Gourmet Ice Cream…
Vanilla Bourbon
Green Tea
Banana Caramel
Raspberry Sorbet
Passion Fruit Sorbet

Kid’s Menu

*Portion Sizes recommended for ages up to 12 years

Spaghetti Bolognese
served with garlic bread

Chicken burger
Chicken patty in a burger bun with tomato | salad | mayonnaise | steak fries

Texas Burger
Beef patty in burger bun | tomato | salad | fried onion | cheese | mayonnaise | steak fries

Chicken sausage
2 Grilled sausages with tomato salsa | mash potatoes

Beef sausage
2 Grilled sausages with fried onion | gravy | mash potatoes

Hot Dog
Frankfurter pork sausage in hot dog bun | tomato sauce | cheddar cheese | steak fries

Homemade chicken nuggets
Tomato sauce | mayonnaise | steak fries

Fried fish
2 pieces of premium crumbed white fish | tomato sauce | mayonnaise | steak fries

Also: non spicy Thai food, noodle soup, fried rice…

Please let us know what your kids like to eat!

All prices are in Thai Baht and net (7% tax and 10% service charge INCLUDED)

Private BBQ Backyard UPGRADE
for Full Board Guests

Your villa is the perfect setting for entertaining friends and family
and what better social gathering than a BBQ? Combine your BBQ with a bonfire
and seating lounge on the beach!

Select all you favorite dishes and seafood from your full board menu.
We will prepare the set-up with all condiments

● In-Villa Grill Master and Waiter
● BBQ Grill set-up
● Condiments
Set-up cost with grill and all equipment and condiments3000 THB
Set-up cost with additional bonfire and lounge on the beach55000 THB

More Glamour? Adjust fresh Lobster to your BBQ

7 Color Lobster420 THB per 100g
Phuket Lobster320 THB per 100g

BBQ is available from 12pm to 10pm daily and we require 24 hours’ notice to arrange.

All prices are in Thai Baht and net (inclusive of service charge and tax)

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