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In addition to our standard menu we have a seafood menu. We don’t store or freeze any seafood. We prefer you order with us a little in advance so we can get all seafood delivered alive and as fresh as possible. This will give the Chef Team a real head-start to give you best possible quality and dining experience. Try Phuket lobster (BBQ or Thermidor), steamed White Snapper, grilled Sea Prawns or King Prawns, Blue Crab in curry…you let us know how you like it and we are happy to cook it for you!

Fresh Seafood

- All seafood live from local fishermen -

Availability depending on weather conditions… and luck!

Our recommendations, but you can also have it your way!

            White Snapper| Grouper: 120| 150THB per 100g
          •  Filet with garlic & pepper sauce
          •  Whole deep fried fish with tamarind sauce
          •  Whole steamed fish withgarlic,chili & lime sauce
          •  Filet or whole fish with 3sauces: garlic & pepper, tamarind, Panengcurry
          •  baked in salt crust
          • 7 Color Lobster | Phuket Lobster | Tiger Prawn: 420| 320| 290 THB per 100g
          •  BBQ with butter, aioli and garlic bread
          •  Stir fried and topped with gratinated parmesan
          •  Steamed and served with tamarind sauce
          • Blue Crab or Black Crab: 900| 1 100 THB per kg
          •  Pan fried with Indian yellow curry sauce
          • minimum order 1kg
          •  Steamed with chili & lemon sauce
          •  BBQ with 3 sauces: garlic & pepper| sweet & sour|Panengcurry
          •  Stir fried with garlic & pepper
          • Sea Prawns: 1700 THB per kg
            •  BBQ| 3 sauces
            •  Steamed with chili & lemon sauce
            •  Tempura
            •  Stir fried garlic & pepper
            •  Stir fried sweet & sour
            Squid: 150 THB per 100g
            •  BBQ| 3 sauces
            •  Steamed fish with garlic,
              chili & lime sauce
            •  Stir fried garlic & pepper

            All dishes are served with:

            •  Steamed organic rice & stir fried vegetables

            Order the same day during breakfast...or latest before lunch if having seafood for dinner!

            All prices are net (7% tax & 10% service charge included)

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