If you are planning a trip to Phuket and looking to get away from the crowds, you will be delighted to find some of the best-unspoiled beaches in Phuket and around. The largest island of Thailand, Phuket is 540 square kilometers in size, surrounded by coral reefs, and known for its sandy beaches and clear waters. Western Phuket, Southeastern Phuket, and the small surrounding islands offer beaches for every occasion. If you love the beach, but prefer a calm and peaceful climate, here are some secluded beaches in Phuket and around that you should be sure to check out.

Ao Yon Beach

Looking for a quiet tropical getaway? Ao Yon Beach, with its white sand, shallow waters, and coconut palms is a great place for a relaxing swim or private picnic. Here, there are two beaches separated by rocks. At Ao Yon junior, you will find locals and children and a large shrimp farm, while at Ao Yon senior, you will find serene waves and overhanging palms. While there are no facilities or snorkeling, small snack stands, and a Yacht club are available

Ao Sane Beach

This 200-meter beach is shaded by groves of tropical almond trees. Its main attractions are its natural beauty and rugged charm. Rocky sand slopes down to the sea and an inexpensive yet delightful restaurant offers international fare and serves breakfast all day. Never crowded, this beach is an ideal spot for yacht mooring from November to May and a great place for snorkeling and diving.

Paradise Beach

This 150-meter beach is not easy to find but well worth the effort. With its beautiful palm trees, large granite rocks, coral reef, and views across the Patong Bay, this compact and isolated tropical paradise live up to its name. Many activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, bodyboarding, and scuba diving, are offered. If that isn’t enough to keep you entertained, you can swing from a rope and drop in the water, play beach volleyball, visit one of the many restaurants and shops, and attend the full moon festival.

Banana Beach

Located between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches, this almost deserted beach is isolated and hard to find. With its soft sand, palm trees, and clear water, it is a perfect place for swimming from November to May. Masseuses, parasols, and sun loungers will help make a visit to Banana Beach extra relaxing. The seafood restaurant, which is open during peak season, offers freshly caught fish.

Ya Nui Beach

This small beach is located between Promthep Cape and Windmill viewpoint on the south end of the island. While it is not as isolated and secluded as some of the other beaches, it is still much quieter than the main beaches and has fantastic views. It features two restaurants, vendors, snacks, snorkeling, and kayaks for rent, but the absence of large hotels and shops helps it retain its tranquility.

Pansea Beach

Just north of the popular Surin Beach on Phuket’s west coast, Pansea Beach is much quieter and more peaceful. In fact, many assume it to be a private beach, but it is actually free and open for public use. With its calming turquoise water and exotic trees and plants, this secluded beach is a great place to go for some tropical sunshine. You can also grab a drink at one of the beach’s two bars, get a massage, or enjoy beach activities such as snorkeling and jet skiing.

Panwa Beach

Also known as Khao Kat Beach, Panwa Beach has retained its quiet charm. Although it features upscale accommodations, bars, and restaurants, the beach’s natural beauty and calm atmosphere make it an ideal getaway. The rough sand, shallow water, and scenic views across the Chalong Bay and Lone Island contribute to its unique flavor. For nature lovers, the beach features a mangrove swamp at the far west end.

Natai Beach

Natai Beach is located in the Phang Nga Province, not far from Phuket. Here you will find ten kilometers of beach, soft white sand, clear water, coconut groves, and flowery lagoons. What makes this beach especially attractive is its peaceful isolation. Strict regulations and protections have prevented this beach from being overtaken by large hotels, shops, jet skis, and speedboats. Instead, you will find one beachfront restaurant, a public pier, and private villas in Natai beach.

Whichever unspoiled beaches you decide on, you will be certain to enjoy the solitude and natural beauty of Phuket and its surroundings.

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